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Fantasy Writer and Visual Artist

I think I was about 11 years old, when I first understood that I enjoyed writing. At about the same time, I was getting fascinated by books and their authors, starting with Karl May – who wrote a lot about the Wild West, but never actually traveled there. I was 14, when I stumbled upon the first Science Fiction novels, got hooked by them and aimed to read more, more, more. The first true revelation was Frank Herbert’s “Dune” and while understanding the novel’s intricacies, I strived at becoming an author myself. Wrote story after story, got frustrated at not being able to express myself accurate and fluent enough, as to publish. Finally, at 16, I published my first article – “Imposing the good on others is called Communism” – in a Romanian magazine for teens. While I did not manage to publish my short stories, self-criticism and the aim of becoming a professional writer, pushed me to write more and more. When I was 19 years old, I wrote my first immersive fantasy – “The Thirteenth Spring”. This was to become the first chapter of the “Sjgaard Saga”. Over the years, I wrote many short stories, got better and better and started to publish online.

Passionate about computers, I delved into graphic design, then got my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Aiming at becoming a psychotherapist, I studied Analytical Psychology, Clinical Hypnosis and Integrative Psychotherapy. Started my private practice at 27, opened my own Training Center at 29 and went into teaching emotion and stress management, all over the country.

Regardless of my other activities and interests, I never stopped writing, drawing and painting and today, at 39, I am looking at my first Romanian folklore-based fantasy novel, finished (in Romanian), edited, filled with illustrations and ready to publish. Aside of a ton of finished short stories – enough to fill one more book – I constantly work on new ones and on 2 other novels. As a visual artist, I draw a lot, create concept designs and a great deal of T-shirt paintings.

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